Calvin Klein Contour Bras - More Than Just Shapers and Pushers

By now, everyone has heard of Calvin Klein fashions. It's time to do more than just remember a now-familiar name. It's time to take a look at a new line of contour bras. That look will quickly prove there's far more going on here than just the latest bunch of lingerie, another year, another set of the "same old, same old."

The Calvin Klein Steel Micro contour bra is a good example of just how new and startling the latest CK line truly is. The name might make it sound uncomfortable, but nothing could be more misleading. Comfort is the call of the day here, thanks to excellent materials and accurate design. Moulded cups offer graduated padding that shape and enhance but with never a push or pinch.

Your eyes might get a little pinch from the colour, though. Hot pink cups will really wake up the senses. They're perfectly contrasted with black straps to ensure you get a visual treat. The unique CK branding is more than a logo here, it's a style embellishment.

There's more than just embellishment going on in the Calvin Klein Nouveau Garden contour bra. This model is as much a work of art as it is a functional piece of underwear. The 3/4 cups with underwire mean a stellar look with practical support. The blend of 90% Cotton, 10% Lycra Elastane means complete comfort.

But what about the art? Oh, that's there in spades. A lovely floral design for the cups is museum worthy. The lace around the entire perimeter puts it in the "special exhibit" category. The CK branded straps guarantee first prize in any art competition.

The artistic power of the Calvin Klein 365 Cotton Stretch contour bra is no less real, even if more subtle. A blend of 90% Cotton, 10% Elastane may sound like this model was designed only with comfort in mind. Luckily, the CK designers can multitask. The flat black cups provide not just supreme comfort but a supremely sophisticated canvas.

There's much more, too, thanks to highly colorful straps with a delightful floral print. They offer the ideal contrast to the subtle 3/4 cups. Together they provide a visual treat in color and shape. The adjustable crossover back provides practical value and stylish design. The result is an unbeatable combination.

If subtle is what you seek, pass by the CK Seductive Comfort Embrace model. True, the uniform color doesn't shout, but the fuschia certainly makes itself heard... er, seen without effort.

This contour bra can both beautifully enhance and be entirely invisible. CK designers enjoy that kind of paradox. Anyone lucky enough to get a closeup view will easily solve the dilemma, though. Completely seamless, it disappears under the thinnest of blouses. Yet, uncovered, soft moulded cups and a lace band will make everything clear at a glance.