How to Choose Your Ultimate Designer Watch

If you are in the market for a new designer watch you probably feel like a kid in a candy store. These days the availability of designer watches, at all price ranges, is amazing. Depending on your budget and lifestyle, the choices are endless. The trick is to buy a designer timepiece that you will be happy with for more than one season. Many designer pieces have a trendy edge to them and you need to be careful not to buy into a trend that will be here today and gone tomorrow. One of my favorite brands right now is Michael Kors. Michael Kors watches infuse some trendiness with a bit of classic tradition, and once you get to know the brand...I think you'll be hooked, as well. Check Michael Kors timepieces out on-line and see what I mean.

Whether you have decided on a certain brand name or not, there are a few other considerations worth looking into. This advice may lead you to a better long term decision:

a. Of course, designer pieces are all about "design". You will want to choose a style that suits your current lifestyle or maybe accentuates it a bit. For instance, if you wear gold jewelry you might want to go all out and buy one of the big and bold gold watches that are so hot right now. These extravagant looking pieces can actually be quite affordable. Michael Kors offers many different gold timepiece for under $250.00

b. Remember that a designer watch still needs to be functional. Be sure to choose a brand that has a good reputation for making quality timepieces. You don't want to have to replace it after a short time. Choose a Swiss quarts watch that offers features like sapphire or hardened mineral crystal and a proper amount of water resistance. There's no need for you to give up quality for good looks.

c. Speaking of the look; stay away from any style that doesn't match your personality. Look at your current jewelry and accessories and let them guide you to the right designer timepiece. If you purchase a piece that's totally out of the picture for you...chances are that you won't feel comfortable in it and probably won't wear it much.

Buying a great designer timepiece is exciting, but you want to follow some common sense advice in order to make the right choice. Which design suits you?