Indian Clothing

If you are Indian or not you've probably had some encounter with their beautiful and graceful clothing. The clothing in India is usually made up off cotton, silk, chiffon of various colors. Very detailed and luxurious enhancements like clothing material and trim give insight to the caste and influence a person has on the community. These styles are also indicative of the location of the people who wear designs of the sarees and the wide array of variations within them are subject to climatic and geographical factors, as well as cultural factors. For women, colorful and stylish clothing with various styles is usually worn depending on the occupation. This traditional garment can be made of silk or cotton and measures are 5 to 6 m long and 1.20 m wide.

The Saree in combination with other pieces of clothing, give it it's elaborate look when worn by many Indian women. Commonly, the saree is worn with a tight blouse underneath, or in other cases, with a longer skirt called a petticoat. Although many see the outfit as complicated, it requires little time with some practice and help at first. In women's clothing there is also salwars, which consists of ample pants of silk and a tunic top. Salwars are often used in mountain regions and are more practical for use because of the geography of region. But lets not forget one of the most essential and delicate portion of the outfit, the veil. Seen many times in bridal events, the veil gives a magical touch to any girl who wears it. When an occidental women gets married the typical dress is usually white but the more common colors used for bridal arrangements in India are red or pink.

The male version of the Saree is a long rectangular piece of clothing that measures about 6 yards in length called a Dhoti. Like the Saree it is a very cultural outfit that displays elegance. When worn, It is wrapped around the waist, legs, and tied again at the waist. Men who wear Dhoti's are mostly found in Gujurat but it is also worn throughout the country and considered elegant and formal wear. Very weighted on its culture and elegance it is favored by many politicians as well. This garment is considered acceptable in most places and is seen at country clubs and family functions. More commonly in white colors, the dhoti is also bordered by brightly colored stripes.

If looking to get a hold of a beautiful saree or Dhoti while on vacation in India, one of the most popular locations for purchasing sarees, include Kanchipuram which is known for the villagers who handcraft and weave arguably some of the most beautiful sarees in India. If you are not traveling and wish to still be the owner of glamorous Indian attire, you can shop online.