Look Your Best, Use Fendi Perfume

Perfumes give the finishing touch for your look, and many people feel "incomplete" if they will not spray their favorite scent on their best outfit. A perfume made by Fendi will make you feel good. Wearing a signature perfume can boost your ego and gives you the feeling that you're looking at your best.

Fendi perfume is one of the companies products - a famous luxury brand started in Rome year 1925. They launched their first perfume called Fendi for Women, in the year 1985 and successfully made its way through the industry.

Fendi perfumes, along with other products became a status symbol for the high class European men women. It is lined with other signature perfumes and until now, modern elites, celebrities and socialites favors scents made by Fendi.

When choosing a fragrance, choose what suits your taste, what is appropriate for the occasion and what fragrance notes mix with your body chemistry best. A perfume does not only affect your personal disposition, but also make an appeal to the people around you.

It is a great choice if you want to create a lasting impression because their fragrances are classic and high class pieces. Since most Fendi perfumes are Eau de Parfum (10%-20% concentration) or Eau de Toilette which have (5%-15% concentration), they usually last longer.

There are 16 products available, 4 of which are for men and 11 of the fragrances are for women. They were formulated with other perfumers namely Delphine Lebeau-Krowiakj, Francois Demachy, Christine Nagel and Jacques Cavallier.

Knowing the base notes, heart notes and top notes of the perfume is important so you will know what is the classification of the perfume you are going to wear. Categories ranges from citrus, floral, fruity, green, oceanic, oriental/spicy to woody/chypre.

Fendi for women perfumes are: Fendi for women (1985), Asja (1992), Fantasia (1996), Fantasia (1996), Theorema (1998), Theorema Esprit d`Ete (1999), Theorema Leggero (2002), Celebration (2004), Fendi (2004), Palazzo Fendi (2005), Palazzo Fendi Eau de Toilette(2008), Fan di Fendi (2010) and Fan de Fendi Eau de Toilette for women (2011).

Fendi Perfume scents for men includes: Fendi Uomo (1988), Eau de Perfume, Life Essence (1996) Eau de Perfume, Theorema Uomo (2001) Eau de Toilette, Fendi for Men (2004) Eau de Toilette.

A Fendi perfume is mostly suitable to wear on special occasions because most of its fragrances have dominating aroma and will help you feel good, smell better, and polish your best look.