The Beauty of Designer Toilet Seats

The toilet seat may not be the most honored seat in the house but it still is important as it is a part of the toilet that is used. It can be considered to be a necessity more than a luxury. Is the one in your bathroom broken down already? Probably stained from the use of chemicals or chipped? Then it's time to replace it and what better replacement than a designer toilet seat? They can be bought at all leading bath and toilet accessory store.

You'll be amazed that they come in many styles, textures, colors, shapes and some even have special effects. There are that have automatic closing lids, some others which glow in the dark and various others which have temperature controls. But the most basic guide to buying one is that you need to consider the shape and the size of your own toilet as there are two basic sizes: the round and the oblong. By measuring from the front of the bowl to the area between the screws on the back lid, you'll be able to determine the exact size of your toilet.

After that, you need to decide whether you want to use plastic or wooden toilet seat which both have their own set of pros and cons. The plastic is cheaper but it can also crack easily and become bent out of shape. The wooden seat is longer lasting and definitely warmer on a chilly winter morning though it can stain more easily. And if you like to add a pop of color in your bathroom, then a plastic is a better choice for you than the wooden one. Other considerations when shopping for a designer seat are size, comfort as well as convenience of cleaning.

Why not go ahead and take a step forward with your interior designing by purchasing a designer toilet seat. It will definitely make life more interesting.