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The dearth of service delivery and the ineptness of the ANC, has foreshadowed the reality that there are underreported tales on this low intensity warfare between the the African ruling elite and their poor plenty. One wants learn the posted article under to fully admire the extant of the battle and the community fighting again, and what it all means, and the way it manifests itself in their setting and places where they live.

America's cultural ideology has been deliberately designed to glorify whiteness and to denigrate blackness. Consequently, this process has led to the cultural annihilation of Black People (Mahubuti, 1978: forty one, 118; Karenga, 1986). Unlike different American racial and ethnic teams, Blacks have failed to develop a distinct cultural tradition that contributes to the psychological, non secular, cultural, and economic development of most Blacks. The Americanization of Africans in America has resulted in Blacks being locked into the position of America's everlasting outsiders.