Yoli Business Review - Is Yoli's Blast Cap Technology Just Anoth

Yoli, a new network marketing company, is scheduled to set sail on January 22nd, 2010. Yoli's preliminary product merchandise is named the Yoli Truth Citrus Health Blast, an all natural citrus flavored with a unique formula of minerals, vitamins, probiotics, antioxidants and enzymes. The Yoli Truth beverage ingredients are contained within a sealed, patented delivery system called the Yoli Blast Cap. When ready to be consumed, the powdered formula is released into the bottled water. Any aspiring network marketer thinking about joining the Yoli business opportunity should carefully consider whether or not Yoli's product has enough of a unique and competitive advantage to really compete in the marketplace.

At close examination it does become readily apparent that the method Yoli use to store and deliver the ingredients in their Yoli Truth beverage differs from the standard bottling procedure most companies employ. Almost all beverage products are bottled and preserved using a method called hot-fill, commonly known as pasteurization. This hot-fill process involves boiling the ingredients before bottling. Unfortunately, while destroying bacteria that might otherwise cause reduced self-life, boiling also destroys most of the active nutrients in the beverage.

Pasteurization is not the only method used by manufacturers to increase shelf live. Preservatives such as Sodium Benzoate are also commonly used, but not without controversy. Alarmingly, scientists have requested that the US Food and Drug Administration reexamine the possible risks of putting sodium benzoate into beverages that contain citric acid, a common ingredient in juice formulations. It has been shown that benzene, a carcinogenic chemical, can be created when citric acid is combined with sodium benzoate.

In comparison to the high temperature hot-fill process or use of chemical preservatives, Yoli's Blast Cap technology seems much more advantageous. Its ingredients are freeze-dried at their peak ripeness in a fresh, powder form and then are sealed inside the Blast Cap, which protects them from the harmful effects of light, heat or moisture. When the consumer is ready to drink his or her Yoli Truth Blast, the powder stored in the blast cap is "blasted" into the bottle of water, which is then shaken to mix the beverage. Because the ingredients in Yoli's product are not boiled or stored in water for extended lengths of time, there is minimal nutrient degradation before consumption.

When the cost per bottle is compared, it becomes much clearer that, in comparison with other MLM functional beverage products, Yoli has a considerably lower price point. As an example, Monavie's original Acai beverage sells for $32 for a 25.35 fluid ounce bottle, and has a recommended serving of 1 to 2 ounces, twice per day. Some people take issue with Monavie's seemingly arbitrary 1 - 2 ounce serving suggestion, as this makes it sound more like a medicine, when it is obviously a beverage. In comparison, Yoli's Truth beverage wholesales for only $3.99 per 18 oz. bottle. Furthermore, once a customer has a reusable Yoli bottle, just the actual Blast Cap can be reordered for $2.49 each.

Yoli Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Corey Citron's claim that Yoli has the solution to the experience of an "embarrassment factor" familiar to MLM distributors who endeavor to market the industry's overpriced products with sticker-shocked family members and friends seems justified when examining the price point of Yoli's products.

To summarize, Yoli's patented delivery system that stores and delivers the Yoli formulation without a nutrient destroying boiling process or chemical preservatives, combined with a much lower price point than MLM competitors does indeed seem to offer the Yoli Blast Cap product line a competitive and unique selling proposition in the MLM industry.

However, everything that Yoli has going for it will be useless you know how to generate a consistent flow of leads to grow your Yoli business. This is where most network marketing distributors fall short because they don't have a clear blueprint in place to generate 50+ leads per day into their marketing system or sales funnel.